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World Celebrity Club Volunteer Home

1. She gives you a warm home, a happy home, a kind and loving home.

2. She gives you a platform for life, learning and welfare.

3. She gives you a chance to make friends in life, to travel and to grow up

4. She gives you the glory of your life - volunteers of the World Celebrity Club!

World Celebrity Club will help you succeed in your career

The Club and the World Association for Chinese Exchanges and the World Committee for Chinese Exchanges and Overseas Chinese Exchanges,

China, Hong Kong and Macao International News Newspapers cooperate to integrate resources and reach strategic partners.



Contact: Guo Ying.Tan

Phone: 00852-2915631

Tel: 86-18929080888

Email: chmevr@163.com

Add: Dugang Ruins, Kaiping City, Jiangmen, Guangdong Province

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