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Basic Scope of Volunteer Service of World Celebrity Club

Service categories, legal services, water conservation, etiquette reception, photography, greening, environmental protection, electrical maintenance, anti-drug and anti-AIDS, tourism services, language translation, moral education, fire prevention propaganda, scientific and technological publicity, neighborhood assistance, network civilization, disaster relief, self-protection, rights protection, Festival games, respect for the elderly, family education, medical and health, cultural construction, poverty alleviation, literary and cultural assistance Ming Transportation, Civilization, Caring for Children, Legal Counseling, Culture and Art, Psychological Counseling, Information Publicity, Network Maintenance, Administrative Support, Activity Planning, Foreign Language Translation, and Others
Group types: Party and government organs, educational undertakings, unit health, institutions, scientific and technological undertakings, unit culture, institution, social welfare, institution, other institutions, group organizations, neighborhood or village committees, state-owned enterprises, non-state-owned enterprises, social organizations, social service institutions and foundations.
There are volunteers for poverty alleviation, community volunteers, young volunteers and civilized volunteers.
Cultural volunteers, medical volunteers, educational volunteers, disabled volunteers
Volunteers for fire fighting, Red Cross and popular science
Volunteers for popularization of science, water saving and water conservation, water resources protection, intellectual property protection, intellectual property protection, Museum volunteers, volunteers for voluntary lectures in museums
Tourist volunteers, volunteers who volunteer in various tourist attractions, Red Cross volunteers, volunteers who volunteer in Red Cross volunteer service, volunteers who volunteer in emergency propaganda and rescue, volunteers of persuasion teams, volunteers who carry out civilized persuasion in the community, volunteers of public order



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