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Escorting volunteer service

The legislation of voluntary service is a powerful guarantee for the sustainable development of voluntary service. In recent years, volunteer service has developed rapidly in China. The promulgation of the Volunteer Service Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) has provided strong support for the standardization, institutionalization and legalization of volunteer service in China.
Clear up legal relations and manage them according to law and regulations
Although many provinces and municipalities in China have promulgated relevant laws and regulations on voluntary service, due to the lack of special legislation at the national level, the legal status of the relevant subjects of voluntary service is not clear, the legal relationship is not clear, the responsibilities and powers are not clear, which affects and restricts the healthy and orderly development of voluntary service. From the national legislative level, the Regulations clarify some basic legal issues in voluntary service, including volunteers, voluntary service organizations, the nature, status, activity boundaries, basic principles and legal responsibilities of voluntary service, clarify the legal relationship among the participants, solve and make up for the shortcomings or vacancies in previous laws and regulations, so that voluntary service can be legally abided by henceforth. There are laws to follow and the voluntary service activities have been managed in accordance with the law and regulations.



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