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World Celebrity Club Answers Journalists'Questions

1. Question: What is the organization of the World Celebrity Club?
A: The World Celebrity Club is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization, which is jointly sponsored by overseas Chinese patriots and celebrities from all walks of life. Under the leadership of the Overseas Chinese Committee of the World Chinese Exchange Association, the "Love My China" group is affiliated.
2. Question: Is the World Celebrity Club legal?
Answer: The World Fame is affiliated to the World Chinese Exchange Association. Hong Kong Government Registration No. 206132-001-10-00-7, Mr. Chen Qixuan, the legal representative of the association, and Lu Fang, the president of the World Chinese Exchange Association, served as the executive chairman of the association. The legal consultation can be searched in Baidu: World Chinese Exchange Association.
3. Question: What is the purpose of the World Celebrity Club?
Answer: The purpose of the World Fame is to build a family of celebrities based on Chinese celebrities all over the world, so that the family can benefit the society and bring up more noble personalities. Use their enthusiasm to build an empire of "benevolence to the world". The club will focus on caring for those veterans who were born or died for their motherland, so that they can have a happy old age. At the same time, let members feel patriotic education. On the other hand, members who join the club can face to face with celebrities, make friends and communicate, cooperate commercially, integrate and share resources successfully. Share glory! Let our world be full of harmony and friendship, so that members can have their own "home" - world celebrity club.
4. Question: Which celebrities will the World Celebrities Association have?
A: The World Celebrity Club is mainly composed of Chinese celebrities from all over the world, and comes from local celebrities from 150 countries around the world. There are numerous celebrities in the world. Our club only includes enthusiastic celebrities, such as Lu Fan, Andy Fan, Liang Hua Banknote, Li Na, Qiu Shaofang, Zhuo Yiting, Sun Fuling, Wang Dingguo, Tang Lizhong, and some foreign friends. At the same time, the celebrities section of the club will also show many celebrities, as well as databases such as the Dictionary of World Persons and the World Celebrity List. Again, the war veteran, the war hero of the Republic, will join the World Celebrity Club.
5. Question: Are all the world's celebrity clubs Chinese?

A: Yes. Because of the different languages, the Chinese-dominated organizations around the world have to build up their own national self-confidence, mainly in Chinese, because there are so many celebrities in the world that they can not be listed one by one, and 1.3 billion people in China can not join the system, only some of them can enter the club. Of course, the clubhouse will gradually open to the outside world, so that more celebrities around the world will step into the palace of the world celebrity clubhouse.

Sixth, ask: Where is the World Celebrity Club?
Answer: There are celebrity clubs everywhere in the world. Only the Internet can bring them together. On the other hand, "World Fame" is also an Internet communication platform, through which activities can be organized on the ground. We are also very similar to Taobao. Do you want to see Taobao's stores before you can buy things online? Like Tencent, do you want to see Tencent's office address there before you dare to buy QQ coins? Or, like Bank of Switzerland, do you have to spend money to fly to Switzerland? Is there a Swiss bank that dares to deposit money online? Where does an airplane stop at the airport? Do you suspect that hundreds of tons of iron will fly into the sky? In fact, it has been flying in the sky. Our era is an era of scientific and technological change, an era in which the Internet has become a global village, and an era in which the Internet has brought the world closer. Therefore, every new thing has its meaning of existence, after a certain period of heavy, more can find the value of her existence. The World Celebrity Club is an Internet platform for loving communication, but it will gradually come to fruition. Toronto Canada 1281 Shorpreed Terrace Newmarket on L3X0c9 Tan Guo Ying is in contact with celebrities all over the world. It will choose magnificent, noble and elegant hotels, clubs, villas, resorts and health care places to award licences and integrate resources so that members of the World Celebrity Club will have a good heart. Home to a real world celebrity club.
7. Question: Where does the World Celebrity Club come from?
Answer: The funding of the World Famous Association mainly comes from the support of global Chinese and Chinese social caring organizations; from the sponsorship of Chinese associations and group enterprises all over the world; from the donation of well-known and successful officials from all walks of life; from the membership fees and all kinds of paid service income of clubs. At present, the club will formulate the establishment of "World Famous Club Love Engineering Co., Ltd." that is to say, it will increase the funds of the club. With the participation of ambitious officials, we will create brilliance together.
8. Question: What is the daily work of the World Celebrity Club?
Answer: The World Fame Club will improve the organization of the clubhouse. We will unite overseas Chinese and patriots around the world, join in the "Love China, Revitalize the Nation" campaign, unite and connect with celebrities around the world, join the "World Fame" campaign to implement "Serve the motherland and benefit the people". We will do a good job in contacting celebrities around the world, expand the organization of clubs, and contact celebrities from all walks of life to participate in the "love" campaign. Only when more celebrities participate, can the value of the world's celebrity clubs be demonstrated!
9. Question: What practical work do I do when I join the World Celebrity Association?
Answer: Welcome to join us! You are a member of the World Fame Club. You understand and abide by the rules and regulations of the club, actively participate in the activities carried out by the club, and assist the club leaders in fulfilling the tasks of various activities, such as promoting the club's fame through voluntary publicity; developing members; participating in all the lawful paid activities of the club; frequently publishing positive energy comments and articles in the club forum; participating in the sympathy organized by the club and participating in the war. Veterans; Participate in celebrity parties, salons, project visits, celebrity painting and calligraphy exchanges, celebrity trips, business cooperation and other activities organized by the club, and have the obligation to make valuable suggestions to the club and participate in the implementation.
10. Question: What are the practical significance and benefits of joining the World Celebrity Club?
Answer: The nature of "World Famous Club" is to pursue the spirit of "love and dedication". The club is a group of energetic celebrities and officials gathered together. Many club members are willing to donate things voluntarily and serve club members free of charge. Members can share and communicate with each other. All the gifts in the column of "Club Gifts" are given to members free of charge. The clubhouse advocates "Everyone is for me, I am for everyone" as its purpose. There is no distinction between nobility and lowness in the clubhouse, nor between rich and poor. Participants are "loving messengers" of the clubhouse. Join the club, will contact more celebrities, make your career to success! A large number of celebrities and millionaires will be created here, because the club will give members a set of "wealth secrets" electronic version of the success of world celebrities, which will be the golden key to unlock "wealth secrets".
11. Question: What rights and interests do I have in joining the World Celebrity Club?
Answer: The Constitution of the World Fair stipulates that you have obligations and rights. Members of the club can enjoy "club courtesy". Your participation will enable you to have extraordinary gifts and rewards of full life value.
12. Question: What conditions and procedures do I want to join?
Answer: Welcome to the World Fair. But first of all, we should understand the spirit of love of the World Fame Club, have the intention of joining the World Fame Club, identify with the Constitution of the World Fame Club, and Chinese Americans over the age of eighteen in the world can become members of the World Fame Club if they receive invitations from members and are examined and approved by the club. The club will issue membership card and badge.
Special note: Who will all the world celebrities join? Answer: Only two people joined the World Fame. One is the real celebrities:
Social status; highly respected; people with love and dedication; business elites, scholars and volunteers for public welfare of overseas Chinese in the world; heroes of the Republic and warriors of the Patriotic War; celebrities of the 1.3 billion social celebrities and successful undertakings in the land of China! ____________ The other is social volunteers, public welfare enthusiasts, supporters of global caring societies, people who aspire to develop their careers, and all those who have not yet succeeded in their careers. They are neither famous nor well-known, but they are already on the road to success in their careers. They are striving to realize the direction of celebrities, and they will be celebrities in history. Celebrities of the world! The World Celebrity Club is Training
And the cradle of world celebrities!
12. Question: What conditions and procedures do I want to join?
Answer: Welcome to the World Fair. However, first of all, we should recognize the spirit of love of the World Fame Club, have the intention to join the World Fame Club, identify with the Constitution of the World Fame Club, and accept invitations from overseas Chinese and their friends who are over eighteen years old all over the world. They can become members of the World Fame Club if they are examined and approved by the Club. The club will issue membership card and badge.
13. Question: How much does it cost for me to join the World Celebrity Club?
Answer: You should know that the World Fame Club is a caring organization. It doesn't charge anything except membership fees. Party membership fees should be paid, and membership fees should be normal. This means your recognition and voluntary participation in the organization. How much is the membership fee? The voluntary payment of membership fees (from US$1) by the applicant is symbolic. The key is your acceptance of the club and your dedication to the club.
14. Question: Can I join the World Celebrity Club without a member introduction?
A: Yes. Please send your name, address, telephone number and resume to the "World Name Club" mailbox: g28cn@163.com to submit the application form. The club will reply to you within one week. After examination and approval, the "World Celebrity Club Membership Card and Emblem" will be sent to you.
15. Question: Is membership courtesy really free?
A: Yes. All members of the World Fame Club enjoy the courtesy of the club. Members at different levels enjoy different treatment, all of which are free of charge. Members with membership cards can receive appropriate courtesy. For details, please contact the head of the club. In principle, it is issued by the regional member liaison offices, and can be sent to members by express delivery under special circumstances.
16. Question: Did you hear that there are rewards for developing members?
A: Yes. You become a member and have recognized the club. The development of the club is inseparable from the number of members. The club will give special rewards to all those who contribute to the club, in addition to courtesy, material and spiritual rewards. For members who are enthusiastic about public welfare, the club will issue letters of appointment.
Note: Other unknown information can be sent to club mailbox: g28cn@163.com

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