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The World Celebrity Club Fund comes from donations from overseas Chinese and celebrities from all walks of life around the world; sponsorship from societies and conglomerates all over the world; income from paid services of clubs; support from members'contributions and leadership of clubs, including items donated voluntarily by members, all belong to the fund and property of the World Celebrity Club and are supervised by the chairman of executive clubs. Management and approval.
In addition to the normal operation of the clubhouse, the "World Fame Club" fund will provide 10% rewards to the members who have contributed to the "World Fame Club", 50% of which will be allocated to the liaison offices of the "World Fame Club" around the country as operating funds, with the aim of providing humanitarian assistance to the veterans of the local "Republic participating in the war, resolving their difficulties in life and consoling the families of veterans and martyrs participating in the war." The club will organize members'activities to condolence veterans participating in the war on the Spring Festival and the August 1st Festival each year. Those who have made special contributions to the country, heroes in battle, will be free of membership fees to become members of the club, and their deeds will be reported in the club forum in the China, Hong Kong and Macao International News to show that they serve the country and the people. At the same time, the club will organize members to go to the cemetery of martyrs at the border to worship the spirits who sacrificed for their motherland.
The World Celebrities Association will exchange celebrities, serve the society as the main body, share the worries of the country, society and the Republic's "new generation of loveliest people". The fund prepared by the foundation will be announced at the conference. Why does the foundation care for veterans in the war? Why does the club show their heroic posture here, and reproduce the magnificent scene of their struggle to defend the motherland at that time? !
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