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Club courtesy

Club courtesy

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Club courtesy feedback: VIP members and VIP courtesy:
1 Membership Card of World Celebrity Club will be issued
2. Issue the badge of the World Celebrity Club
3. Presenting 200,000 yuan value electronic version of "Wealth Secret"
4. Gift Club Membership Platform
5. Giving "Health Management System" Service
6. Publicity and distribution of printed products by the World Association of Chinese Exchanges
7. Give Yunnan 6 days and 5 nights of travel, food and shelter package, Kunming departure, club organization.
8. Members can participate in celebrity drinks and salon activities organized by the club free of charge.
9. Free participation in overseas visits (full package of food, accommodation and air tickets)
10. VIP Members enjoy 1 to 9 courtesies and 20 courtesies below.
11. Certificate of Appointment of Directors of World Celebrity Club (VIP Treatment)
12. Presenting the Memorial Medal of "August 1" for veterans participating in the war (VIP courtesy)
Thirteen Presentation of a box of red wine for the 1995 Annual Collection Commemorative Edition (VIP Reception)
14. Presentation of my achievements (VIP courtesy) in China, Hong Kong and Macao International Newspapers and Periodicals
15. Giving 100 gilded business cards to members of the World Celebrity Club (VIP reception)
16. Free travel, study abroad and immigration to the United States and Canada. (VIP treatment)
17. Invitation to participate in the annual celebration of the Great Hall of the People (VIP reception)
18. Can be included in the World List of Persons and other relevant dictionaries (VIP reception)
19. May be selected as a commemorative stamp of the head of the People's Post of China (VIP courtesy)
20. Corporate entrepreneurs can enjoy 5-10 million bank loans (VIP treatment)
World Celebrity Club Volunteers are people who are enthusiastic about charity, care for and support club activities, and help club work. They all award Club medals and enjoy many of the VIP members'courtesies. All the club's courtesies are free. Volunteers can promote VIP members and VIP members. For specific plans, please contact the secretariat.


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