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  • Life is as warm as a flower
Life is as warm as a flower

Life is as warm as a flower

  • Product description: Life is as warm as a flower
Carry a green leaf, let the heart like a flower full of light, quiet life flavor. In life, do not give up, because alive; do not say bitter, because happy; do not say tired, because there is sunshine, there is a smile, there is warmth. Without affection, there may be no pain; without experience, there may be no understanding of treasure; without missing, there may be no knowing of deep love. Only through the years can we have a thorough understanding of life and a new understanding of the world. Stick to a quiet heart, live and enjoy!
Some things, think about more headaches, think through the heartache. If you can get it, you should work hard; if you can't get it, you should give up; if you have it, you should cherish it. Those who belong to themselves, no matter how many twists and turns, belong to themselves eventually; those who do not belong to themselves, despite all kinds of demands, do not belong to themselves. When disaster gives you pain, it will actually give you what ordinary people don't have. The real strong man is not the one without tears, but the one who still smiles and runs with tears.
In life, many things are done by human beings. Simple things are complicated if you think deeply; complex things are simple if you look down on them; things that are okay are okay if you put them down. Some things can not be regarded as a matter; some things can only be laughed at; some things should be done with heart. Grasp oneself, adjust one's mentality, do what one can do, and do what one can become an adult. How can things under the sun be as good as they are, but be worthy of your heart and regret for your life! ____________
—— Night Rain in Bashan


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